Diary of a Mohill man book

Diary of a Mohill man

by Paddy & Brian Prendergast

An account of stories and poems describing growing up in the 1950's Mohill County Leitrim Ireland. The book is based on the writings of Paddy Prendergast in conjunction with his son Brian. It gives you an insight into growing up in a time gone by, when there were no gaming consoles or mobile phones, and when you went out to play, you were gone for the day, and only came home to get fed and watered. The book centres around the town of Mohill, Co. Leitrim, Ireland, and it's many characters over the years. It's a collection of real stories with real people and will transport you back to that time.   Paddy has featured in the Leitrim Guardian, Leitrim Observer, and is a regular contributor to the Facebook group Old Mohill.

Paddy Prendergast and Brian Prendergast

Its a little book that we feel represents the memories of many people.   Some of the stories are taken from Paddy's diary and some are from his Old Mohill facebook page contributions which many people love to read.   It is intended as a little time capsule, that can keep the mental images going of reflections gone by.   We hope you enjoy it.

Authors: Paddy and Brian Prendergast

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